About Me

Welcome to Thefashionspritaion.com!

Hello I am Payal, I  am from India and currently living in a beautiful city Indianapolis. I am an IT Business analyst by profession but that’s just not all about me…. I have always loved investigating about new fashion trends and style which in turn has been a continuous process of revamping my own confidence and style. I have always believed; your confidence reflects in your style.

The fashionspiration is an online editorial destination where fashion meets travel and lifestyle, this blog is your front-row pass to all things lovely and chic. Made with a hint of fashion, Lifestyle and travel, this site is a well-rounded place for anyone who likes style and takes inspiration from everything that is aesthetic. The goal of this blog is to inspire you with my fashion statements and share my life’s journey with you all.

Apart from fashion and style I am passionate about creating awareness of embracing and loving oneself. It doesn’t matter what shape, height and color the person has, if they embrace themselves it will always make them look and feel beautiful in what they wear.  I consider myself a prime example of this.

Welcome once again and thank you for stopping by!!